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Azelis to purchase Lidorr Elements

Azelis has signed an agreement to acquire 100% of the shares of Lidorr Elements, an Israeli speciality chemical distributor for the nutrition, industrial materials and crop protection sectors. Founded in 1970, Lidorr is headquartered in Ramat HaSharon. The company also has a logistics and laboratory facility in Beit Shemesh in southern Israel. The acquisition will see Azelis expand its footprint in the country, further strengthening its network in the region. Ami Lidor, CEO of Lidorr, said: “We are delighted to join Azelis and bring over 50 years of excellence to the Israeli market, so that we can prosper together. By accessing Azelis' technical and digital capabilities, we will be able to further develop and promote innovative and sustainable solutions for our customers.” Anna Bertona, regional CEO of Azelis EMEA, added: “The acquisition of Lidorr Elements is a great opportunity for Azelis to strengthen its presence in Israel in our common markets of agriculture, industrial materials and personal care. This transaction will not only provide us with many business opportunities in crop protection, polymers, and care and nutrition, but also reinforce our relationships with our long-lasting and historical principals within EMEA.” Terms of the transaction were not disclosed.


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