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Burts releases limited-edition spicy barbecue-flavoured crisps

Snack manufacturer Burts has introduced a new, limited-edition flavour of its hand-cooked potato chips, Spicy Barbecue. The snack combines warm, spicy barbecue flavours with honey, crafted to tap into summer flavour trends. Claire Wade, Burts Chips’ head of Burts sales, said: “The launch of our brand-new Spicy Barbecue flavour coincides perfectly with the onset of summer, as the perfect snack to share amongst friends and family in the sun. We are passionate about continuously developing our product range, utilising our expertise to create a quality, limited-edition flavour with quality ingredients.”

With Burts committed to supporting its surrounding community, every pack of its new Spicy Barbecue potato chips uses potatoes from local potato growers based in the South West, such as Colwith Farm, Splattenridden Farm, New Rydon Farm, Hay Farm and Treleathick Farm. The limited-edition snacks are HFSS compliant, gluten free, vegetarian and free from artificial flavours. You might also be interested in:


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