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Camden Town Brewery and HP Sauce release beer

Camden Town Brewery has announced its collaboration with HP Sauce to create Camden HP Brown Ale. Inspired by the flavours of brown sauce, the brewing team added certain ingredients in HP into the brewing process for a "unique" brown ale. Camden Town added aromatic malt to replicate the chestnut colour of HP, using date puree for a background fruity flavour reminiscent of HP sauce, coupled with mosaic hops. To replicate the taste of HP, the brewing team also added some of the sauce’s signature spices to the beer to provide a pepper and clove notes. Finally, a hybrid fermentation with a sour ale strain provided the beer with a “not-quite-sour, not-quite-tart, ‘tangy’ note". Fred Nesbitt, head of marketing for Camden Town Brewery, said: ‘What are two things that us Brits love? Beer and sauce. Lager or ale, red or brown – we also love a debate. These debates are quintessentially British and span across generations, so we have teamed up with HP to brew a beer which we hope is a sauce for conversation between you and your nan, or just your mates.’ Georgina Fotopoulou, marketing manager for HP Sauce, said: "For generations people have been enjoying HP over the dinner table and now they get to enjoy the intense and rich flavour in one of their favourite drinks – beer – and the result is delicious". Camden HP Brown Ale has an ABV of 4% and is available to order now for a limited time only from the Camden Town Brewery website.


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