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Charles Alland appointed as chairman and CEO of Alland & Robert

Charles Alland has been appointed as chairman and CEO of French family business, Alland & Robert, taking over from his father, Frédéric Alland. Frédéric Alland had been CEO of the acacia gum specialist since 1984 and has handed the reins of the business to his son, Charles Alland. Charles had held the position of deputy general manager within the company since the end of 2017. Frédéric Alland, former chairman and CEO of Alland & Robert, said: “Today I’m handing over to my son Charles who represents the sixth generation at the head of our family business”. Frédéric’s daughter Anne-Sophie Alland is the company’s director of human resources and is also in charge of the development strategy including the joint venture in India that supplies the Indian market. The company states that in his new position, Charles will develop the business internationally and diversify into new markets, notably, cosmetics. In the role, Charles will support ongoing projects, including the construction of a fourth production workshop at the Normandy site of Saint Aubin sur Gaillon. Set for completion later this year, the expansion is intended to increase the company’s production capacity by 50% to meet strong global demand for acacia gum – creating around 30 new jobs. Charles Alland, president and CEO of the company, said: “We will continue to grow and diversify our business, while at the same time investing to meet our carbon reduction goals. Acacia gum offers significant development potential in many industries where natural and plant-based product choices are key.” Frédéric will remain involved in the Alland Foundation, created in 2021, which acts in partnership with British NGO Tree Aid, specialised in reforesting African drylands. Projects run by the Alland Foundation support local communities that harvest natural gums in Africa. Founded in 1884, Alland & Robert is a pioneer in natural tree exudates. Drawing on expertise in acacia gum, the company exports to over 70 countries through a network of 50 distributors.


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