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GEA commences operations at new $20m facility in Wisconsin, US

GEA has initiated operations at its recently inaugurated facility in Janesville, Wisconsin, US, spanning 86,000-square-feet and dedicated to fabrication, repair, logistics and training. With an investment of $20 million, the facility aims to cater to the increasing needs of GEA's expanding customer base in the US Midwest. The site’s production capabilities are focused on the finalisation of separators, decanter, valves and pump assembly. The facility has incorporated several features designed to boost sustainability, such as solar panels, water reuse systems and a building management system. Azam Owaisi, CEO of GEA North America, said: “Opening the new Janesville facility as anticipated in December 2023 represents a significant step toward meeting our customers where they operate. It highlights GEA’s commitment to product quality and service excellence. We are excited to become a vibrant employer and partner for the Janesville community.” Utilised predominantly in sectors such as dairy, food, marine and pharmaceuticals, separators function as machines to segregate liquids of varying densities. Decanters play a pivotal role in enhancing environmental cleanliness across various industrial applications, including wastewater and water treatment. Valves and pumps serve to regulate flow technology equipment, while homogenisers achieve uniform and consistent mixtures. GEA reaffirms its commitment to minimising its environmental footprint by incorporating eco-friendly features such as LED lighting, electric car charging stations as well as a high-efficiency heating and cooling system. This is the latest in a string of investments from GEA. In October last year, the company opened a homogeniser production facility in Parma, Italy, and in September GEA partnered with Unilever to reduce greenhouse emissions in dairy farming.


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