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Gelita launches Confixx for fortified gummies

Collagen peptide and personalised gelatin manufacturer, Gelita, has launched Confixx, a fast-setting gelatin that enhances the production of fortified gummies. The new gelatin is said to enable the production of starch-free gummies with a sensory profile previously achievable only with a starch-based manufacturing process. By moving from starch-based to starch-free manufacturing, efficiency gains can be achieved in terms of cost and active ingredients. The company says that eliminating starch preparation and gummy drying steps reduces the production time from two days to a few hours and reduces the overall footprint of the process as less space is needed and the faster and simplified process consumes less energy. Dr Johanna Schmidgall, global head of application development at Gelita, said: "The market for functional and fortified fruit gummies offers exciting growth prospects. Until now, product developers in this space have been held back from creativity by practical manufacturing limitations." She continued: “With the introduction of Confixx it is possible to produce gelatin-based gummies with virtually any active ingredient, from collagen peptides to melatonin, vitamins and minerals. We can't wait to see what new innovations this development will inspire." The streamlined process also allows for small batch production, with greater flexibility in terms of product changeovers and tighter control over ingredient dosing. According to the company, this, along with gelatin’s high tolerance to formulation changes and gentler treatment of ingredients, makes it easier to accommodate a broader range of active ingredients, including those that are heat-sensitive.


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