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Joe & Seph's launches new range of popcorn flavours

Gourmet popcorn brand Joe & Seph's has launched a range of limited-edition air-popped popcorn flavours, inspired by popular baked treats. The cake-inspired flavours features four flavours: Chocolate fudge cake, which features chocolate caramel with cream cheese and vanilla; Millionaire’s shortbread, coated in smooth caramel with shortbread and dark chocolate; Birthday cake, which is covered in smooth caramel with raspberry and cream cheese frosting; and peanut butter blondie, wrapped in white caramel sauce with crunchy peanut butter. "We're excited to introduce our limited-edition cake lovers collection," said Joseph Sopher, Joe & Seph's co- founder. "Rooted in our genuine love for baking, we've taken a unique approach by reimagining our cherished classics into four delicious flavours. This collection is a true embodiment of our passion, and we can't wait for consumers to savour the delightful results."

The popcorn-flavoured products are available to purchase from Joe & Seph's website for £4 per bag.


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