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Kate Farms launches blended meals for tube feeding devices

US-based plant-based nutrition and healthcare company Kate Farms has launched a range of whole food blended meals, coming to market in early 2024. Kate Farms Pediatric Blended Meals are described as the “first-ever” whole food formulas inspired by meals at home with resealable packaging that directly connects to common tube feeding devices. The pouches contain a proprietary blend of organic whole foods, nine grams of “easily digested” pea protein and 27 vitamins and minerals, working to deliver between a third of a cup of fruit and vegetables per pouch. Used for tube feeding, as sole source nutrition or oral supplementation, the blended meals come in three flavours and provide complete nutrition to support healthy growth and development for children aged one to 13. Each serving is USDA organic, non-GMO, high in vitamin D and a good source of fibre, with no added sugar or artificial sweeteners. Debora Duro, program director of paediatric gastroenterology, hepatology and nutrition at US medical centre Broward Health, said: "Kate Farms listens. We – clinicians, parents and caregivers – have been asking for whole food variety, convenience and smart packaging, and Kate Farms delivered. A new package that easily connects to common tube feeding devices is truly innovative, and the kid-friendly design will make the little ones smile too." The meal pouches are compatible with common ENFit tube feeding devices and flow easily through feeding tubes with minimal thinning or dilution, versatile for tube feeding and drinking. The flavours include a banana, blueberry and oat pouch and butternut squash, carrot and buckwheat.

Kate Farms’ chief commercial officer Catherine Hayden said: "Today marks a significant milestone for Kate Farms as we unveil our latest innovation – Pediatric Blended Meals. This product combines innovative advancements in product design, packaging, and delivery with our unwavering commitment to quality, plant-based ingredients, a value we've upheld since day one." The company’s VP of clinical nutrition, Vanessa Millovich, added: "Clinicians prescribing Kate Farms' peptides or standard formulas may find our blended offerings an effective addition to address the nutritional needs of their complex patients. Parents and caregivers will appreciate the resealable pouch that connects to common tube feeding devices, and the flavour choices may help with sensory or transition challenges."


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