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Pop-Tarts releases limited-edition frosted banana bread flavour

Kellogg Company-owned Pop-Tarts has released a limited-edition flavour: Frosted Banana Bread. The brand says its newest toaster pastry launch is its "cosiest flavour yet," aimed at tapping into the consumer trend for comfort with the familiar aroma of freshly baked banana bread. Each bite contains a blend of banana, molasses and warm spice, topped with the brand's classic frosting.

Heidi Ray, senior director of marketing - portable wholesome snacks, said: "For nearly 60 years, Pop-Tarts has put ingenious twists on familiar flavours, from creating a hot fudge sundae you can put in your backpack to inventing a confetti cupcake that fits in your pocket". She added: "We're excited to launch our newest hack, a delicious shortcut to fan favourite nostalgic and comforting flavours – without any chance of a #bakingfail – paired with a granny chic Pop-Tarts-inspired sweater to wrap yourself up in."

The new flavour will be available nationwide in the US, in eight-count boxes for an SPR of $3.89. Other limited-edition releases from Pop-Tarts include:


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