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Raisio Food Solutions helps businesses grow with gluten-free oats

Gluten-free foods are booming, with their global market value expected to double over the next decade. For the 1% of the population with celiac disease, gluten-free eating is essential. Celebrities, influencers and those looking to improve health and wellbeing are driving the gluten-free eating trend, transforming it into a lifestyle choice as well. So, how can a Finnish oat company help producers of gluten-free food? Oat-centric expertise Well, Raisio is a Finnish food company specialising in healthy, responsibly produced food and ingredients. It has been the leading gluten-free oat expert for over 20 years. Raisio began developing gluten-free flour mixes as long ago as 1979, the same year the Codex gluten-free standard was established. Raisio was one of the first companies in the world to establish the pure oat supply chain in the early 2000s, and it updated this process with state-of-the-art technology in 2020. Oats are one of the healthiest grains on Earth and are gluten-free too, provided that purity is guaranteed. This is why Raisio, as a merited oat company, carries out meticulous processing and rigorous quality assurance. This ensures their gluten-free oats are uncontaminated by gluten-containing grains. Oats probably aren’t the first thing people think of when they think gluten-free. But that may be about to change. Gluten-free oats are a great way to enhance gluten-free products and diet, bringing much-needed fibre, protein and flavour variety. Among producers of pure oats, Raisio has remained a leader. As gluten-free eating continues to boom, Raisio Food Solutions is ready to help producers and consumers benefit from gluten-free oats. Raisio offers high-quality oats and the knowledge to process them Raisio Food Solutions’ product range covers a vast range of high-quality oat ingredients and oat-based plant proteins. They use their expertise to process oats in over 100 consumer products – and are happy to put that know-how at their partners’ disposal. As proof of this, Raisio has Finland’s market-leading consumer oat brand, Elovena. The possibilities for oats range from traditional breakfast, snacking and bakery products to fast-growing categories of non-dairy and meat alternatives.

Raisio’s expertise in the use of oats in various end products and long-term research into the properties of oats enable solutions to be found for customers’ needs and processes. Also, entirely new sustainable food inventions are being made continuously, and Finnish oats may, in the future, become an important part of both people’s and our planet’s well-being. Raisio is strongly involved in the development of oat-based products and in identifying customers’ needs. “In Finland, we are masters at using oats in new food innovations. As a replacement for milk and meat, oats have already been at the centre of media attention, but in reality, the possibilities of oats are limitless,” said Raisio’s sales director, Ilkka Ojansivu. Come and meet the experts Now, as consumers are increasingly excited about gluten-free eating, oats stand poised to bring their many benefits as gluten-free food to the table. Celiac disease is also becoming more common, meaning more people will be looking for enhanced nutritional value, taste, and variety in gluten-free diets. Raisio Food Solutions’ oats offer all of these advantages. Are you ready to join the 'oatvolution'? To find out more about the possibilities with oats, click here. Attendees will soon have the chance to learn more about gluten-free oats and their potential in Amsterdam, where Raisio Food Solutions will be exhibiting at the PLMA International Trade Show on 28-29 May, in hall 5, booth U15.


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