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Review: Aquatech Amsterdam 2023

Aquatech 2023 – the largest trade exhibition for the global water technology industry – took place from 6-9 November in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. The event attracted hundreds of exhibitors and thousands of visitors from across the globe, marking it as a significant gathering for the industry. Aquatech provides a comprehensive platform for professionals in the water sector to showcase innovations, exchange knowledge and network. Taking place at the RAI convention centre, the event provided a chance to engage with a wide range of industry leaders and professionals, including Blupura, Zerica, Cosmetal, Xylem, Oasis, Caware, Canaletas and many more.

During the show, Refreshment witnessed a diverse array of innovations. From technologies to sustainable practices, the exhibition showcased a broad spectrum of advancements in the industry. Technologies ranged from digital solutions to water treatment methods. The exhibitors presented innovative approaches to address challenges, emphasising efficiency, sustainability and real-time monitoring. UV and filtration systems were a focal area, reflecting the industry's commitment to advancing water purification technologies. Blupura, for instance, showcased its first line of filter cartridges, Blutron. Meanwhile, Taiwanese water filter solution, Caware, presented its line of single-cartridge coffee filters – such as RM- 17BWM and RL- 17BWM. Silanna UV, an Australian company specialising in the manufacture of advanced semiconductors, demonstrated its SF1 series of UV LEDs. These UV LEDs are ideal for water purity applications such as nitrate detection, organic compound detection, disinfection and HPLC chromatography. AquiSense Technologies featured its UV-C LED water disinfection system range – the PearlAqua Micro. Furthermore, in the realm of water dispensers, Canaletas presented its hands-free drinking fountain for bottle filling, the A-88 2PE water fountain, equipped with separate pedals for cold, room temperature and mixed water.

Blupura also showcased its latest water dispenser release, Rebel, capable of dispensing 30 litres per hour with options for extremely hot and cold water. The event highlighted evolving consumer preferences in hydration. As many people dislike consuming plain water, flavoured water has become a significant focus in recent years. At the trade show, Switzerland-based company Lang presented a machine that not only filters tap water but also replicates the taste and benefits of natural Alpine mineral water. The machine comes with cartridges offering flavoured water options, using natural extracts to produce beverages like tea and flavoured cold drinks.

Amid these innovations, the exhibition provided valuable insights into the latest water industry developments, showcasing collaborative efforts towards a more resilient and sustainable water future.


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