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Squeaky Bean launches 'Heat & Eat' range

Squeaky Bean, known for its ready-to-eat vegan meat alternatives, has launched its Heat & Eat range, with seasoned chicken and tandoori chicken-style pieces. Featuring in the range is the Squeaky Bean Seasoned Chicken Style Pieces and Squeaky Bean Tandoori Chicken Style Pieces. Squeaky Bean Seasoned Chicken Style Pieces are seasoned with salt and pepper and can be used as a base for a range of sauces and spices. Meanwhile, the Squeaky Bean Tandoori Chicken Style Pieces combines a blend of aromatic spices which can be used as a base for curry dishes. Made with wheat and pea protein, the Chicken Style Pieces are 100% vegan, high in protein and low in saturated fat. Rebecca Youseman, brand manager at Squeaky Bean, said: “At Squeaky Bean we’ve perfected tasty textures that hit the spot in those fridge to face moments with our ready-to-eat range. However, when our fans said they wanted to cook with Squeaky, not just snack on it, we knew we had to listen! “The result is a range of great tasting ready-to-cook chicken style pieces that don’t compromise on that famous Squeaky flavour. With our Seasoned Chicken Style Pieces offering a lightly seasoned option and our Tandoori Chicken Style Pieces delivering a spicy kick, the Heat & Eat range will help bring more plant-based excitement to the kitchen, while holding that fantastic texture our products are known for.” Both options are currently available in Sainsbury’s for an RRP of £3.25 per 175g.


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