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Väcka launches plant-based cheeses made with fermented melon seed milk

Spanish food tech start-up Väcka has launched two new versions of its Mözza and Pumpkin Chxddar cheese products, replacing the fermented almond milk and coconut oil with melon seed milk and olive oil. Last year, the brand applied for a patent with the US Patent and Trademark Office relating to the ingredients and manufacturing process for the new fermented products. According to Väcka, the innovation has allowed it to offer Mözza – formerly produced only in large blocks – in sliced and grated formats. Meanwhile, Pumpkin Chxddar, previously a sauce-type product, is now available in slices and grated. Melon seeds contain a high dose of linoleic acid, which is said to help strengthen the immune system and reduce cholesterol, while substituting coconut oil for extra virgin olive oil means the products are almost free from saturated fats. Offering an improved taste, the reformulated cheese alternatives are also produced using a more environmentally friendly process, according to Väcka – one that reduces water consumption by 99.1%, land use by 98.7% and CO2 emissions by 91.8%. Ana Luz Sanz, co-founder and CEO of Väcka, said: “We conducted a life cycle analysis, where we researched various seeds and melon seeds stood out for their nutritional value and properties in terms of aroma and taste”. She continued: “In addition, we have added ingredients of high nutritional value to the new versions, such as oats and beans and calcium supplements. The result is a product that, among other properties, guarantees a 3.3 increase in the melted area, giving it greater elasticity and versatility in the preparation of tasty dishes.”


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