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ZenB introduces new yellow pea pasta shapes

ZenB, a plant-based and gluten-free producer of pasta made from yellow peas, has introduced lasagna and cavatappi pasta shapes to its lineup. The company said its new shapes are highly-requested and a ‘first for the gluten-free category,’ offering ‘no-compromise’ profiles that hold up in sauces and deliver the same mouthfeel and experience as their wheat pasta counterparts, with more protein and fibre as well as zero additives. Crafted in Italy with a clean label, solo ingredient – whole yellow peas – the new pasta shapes each deliver 17g of protein and 11g of fibre per 3 ounce serving, described as having the ‘palate-pleasing’ texture of wheat pasta with a ‘bouncy and tender al dente bite’.

Hugo Pérez, chief storyteller at ZenB, commented: “This has been a monumental year for ZenB as we’ve entered into retail and developed new wholesome food innovations made with real, clean ingredients that are genuinely delicious too”. He added: “Lasagna and cavatappi were the most requested shapes from our community, and when they speak, we listen. By adding these to our lineup, we now have even more ways for foodies, families or anyone to enjoy crave-worthy dishes without compromise.” ZenB pastas are all non-GMO, vegan and contain no artificial flavours or preservatives. The company also recently entered the snack category with the launch of ZenB Cracker Crisps.


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