The World Plant-Based Taste Awards, in association with Plant Based World Europe Conference & Expo, are a celebration of taste across many categories of the global plant-based industry.

As one of the first of its kind in this sector, these awards are a fantastic way for you to enhance the promotion of your plant-based brand and to ensure it gains global recognition.

Being named ‘winner’ or ‘finalist’ provides a hallmark of success that will prevail long after the awards ceremony and can highlight the contribution your company’s products and team are making to the plant-based industry.

With news that the Plant Based World Europe Conference & Expo will be postponed to October 2021, in a move that prioritises the safety, comfort and confidence of the attendees; we want to assure you that the World Plant-Based Taste Awards 2021 will still be taking place.

The awards will still be held at the PBW Europe Conference & Expo, at the Business Design Centre in London, on the new dates: 15 October 2021. Our awards team are committed to ensuring our entrants the best opportunity to showcase taste in the pant-based industry and celebrate their successes with a live tasting event and awards ceremony.

With that in mind, the deadline for entries into the World Plant-Based Taste Awards will be extended to the new date of Friday 20 August 2021, which means there is still plenty of time to get your entries in. As one of the first of its kind in this sector, these awards are a fantastic way for you to enhance the promotion of your plant-based brand and to ensure it gains global recognition.

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How to enter

Our helpful guide below should contain all you need to know about the World Plant-Based Taste Awards, but if you have any other queries please don’t hesitate to call us on +44 (0)1225 327855 or email [email protected].

What are the categories?

Below are our categories for this year’s awards. There are 16 awards to win, covering all aspects of the plant-based industry.


Best faux meat sausage – LIVE
• Meat analogues
• Frankfurters

Best faux meat burger – LIVE
• Meat analogues

Best faux chicken product – LIVE
• Nuggets
• Fillets
• Pieces
• Breadcrumbed

Best faux bacon product – LIVE
• Streaky style
• Back style
• Lardons

Best faux fish/seafood product – LIVE
• Faux fish fingers
• Tuna-style
• Faux shrimp
• Faux fish burgers
• Faux fish cakes
• Seaweed based
• Faux smoked salmon

Best cheese alternative – LIVE
• Faux cheese
• Nut-based cheese style products
• Spreads

Best faux analogue meat product
• Faux chicken/chicken nuggets/chicken burgers
• Faux pork/pulled pork
• Faux bacon
• Faux turkey
• Seitan-based
• Deli slices: prosciuttos, salami etc.
• Pates
• Kebabs

Best soy-based/fermented product
• Tofu
• Tempeh
• Fungal fermented
• Yuba
• Miso soups, broths & bowls

Best sauce/store cupboard product
• Sauces for heating
• Cold sauces inc. mayonnaise, mayonnaise-based
• Fermented condiments
• Dips & dressings
• Gravy
• Pesto
• Pasta
• Noodles
• Marinades
• Nut butters

Best egg/dairy alternative
• Faux butter
• Faux cream
• Faux egg
• Nut-based creams
• Nut-based milks & cream
• Cereal-based milk & cream
• Plain yogurt
• Flavoured yogurt

Best convenience/ready to eat product
Ready meals to be re-heated
Ready to serve chilled meals
Veg, pulse & grain-based nuggets, sausages & burgers

Best pie/pastry
Faux meat products
Mushroom-based pies
Veg and faux meat sausage rolls
Veg & faux meat pies
Scotch eggs

Best savoury snack
• Jerky
• Faux-meat flavoured crisps, snacks & savouries
• Veg-based snacks & savouries
• Nut, seed & grain-based
• Protein snacks
• Dips

Best sweet snack, biscuit or confectionery
• Marshmallows
• Popcorn
• Chocolate bars
• Bars & bites
• Nutrition bars
• Muffins
• Biscuits
• Cookies
• Brownies

Best chilled dessert/ice cream
• Cheesecakes
• Cakes
• Chocolate desserts
• Gelato
• Vanilla ice cream
• Flavoured ice cream
• Ice cream bars

Best beverage
• Beer
• Wine
• Non-alcoholic
• Smoothies
• Shakes
• Botanical

What does the media package include?

In addition to the prestige of winning a World Plant-Based Taste Award, winners and finalists will also receive a comprehensive media package to showcase their success.

The package will include:

A presentation of your shortlisted product during the World Plant-Based Taste Awards ceremony at Plant Based World Europe in front of an audience of leading decision makers.
• The opportunity to have your product tasted live on stage at Plant Based World Europe by a celebrity panel. This will be videoed by our digital content team, showcasing your great achievement, which you can then share with clients.

• A dedicated announcement of your success on social media to FoodBev’s 70,000+ followers.
The chance to be photographed by a professional photographer, showcasing your win.
• A comprehensive communications kit complete with a press release, logos to use on packaging, websites or emails signatures; a certificate of excellence; and of course a special prize for winners!

• Your success will also be promoted as a dedicated top story on reaching our 100,000 unique monthly visitors including our video presentation of all winners and finalists.

Plus, all entrants will receive a FREE 1-year digital subscription package to our industry-leading magazines, FoodBev and Refreshment plus weekly food news updates, worth £98.

How do I enter?

Entering is easy, simply click ‘Enter Now’, select the categories you wish to enter and then fill out the personal details form on the right-hand side.

Entry cost (exclusive of UK VAT)

Early bird entry – £280
Standard entry – £350
Small Business entry – £210
Exhibitor entry – £280

Early bird entry – £195
Standard entry – £250
Small Business entry – £150
Exhibitor entry – £195

Please contact [email protected] for more information.

All entries must be received before close of business Friday 20 August 2021. 

What do I need?

Once you have paid and filled in the entry form, you will be sent a confirmation email with a unique username and password so that you can log into your awards portal to submit your product images and ingredients list. Please ensure you submit:

  • 2 high-res images of your product
  • full list of ingredients and allergens in the ‘product description box’
  • The storage conditions required for your entered product
  • A short description about your product’s intention; this should include whether this product is acting as a meat-analogue/dairy substitute or as a standalone product, the notes or flavours you are trying to achieve and the texture you are aiming for

This information is essential to secure your entry.

Once the scheme closes for entries we will notify entrants on where to send samples.

You can enter multiple categories or products. We accept all major credit and debit cards. Entries are to be paid via credit/debit card and on receipt of payment, you will be sent a confirmation email with a PDF e-receipt attached as proof of purchase. We can only accept payment in GBP.

If you are unable to pay by credit/debit card then please email us: [email protected]

Where are the awards presented?

The awards ceremony will take place in 2021 at our show, Plant Based World Europe at the Business Design Centre, London. 

Watch the finals being tasted live on stage at stand VGB1:

Friday 12:00 PM – Burger, Sausage and Cheese Category Final Judging

Friday 14:00 PM – Chicken, Bacon and Fish Category Final Judging

Friday 16:30 PM – Awards Ceremony

With thanks to Finnebrogue Naked for hosting the World Plant-Based Taste Awards on stand VGB1.

How will the judging take place?

Every entry will be personally tasted by a panel of leading figureheads in the plant-based industry.

The categories will be split into two judging categories; live-tasting and behind closed doors.

The live categories will be split into 2 separate judging sessions. All entries will be tasted and scored by a handpicked judging panel of industry experts in a dedicated tasting session taking place in September. The top 3 highest scoring entries will then be tasted live at Plant Based World Europe by a celebrity panel. Whilst the tasting will take place in front of an audience, the scoring will not. 

The non-live categories will be judged by our handpicked panel of industry experts during dedicated tasting sessions in September. The judges will score each entry and the winners and finalists will be determined by the highest scores.

All of our winners and finalists will be announced during our 2021 World Plant-Based Taste Awards ceremony which will take place on Friday, 15 October 2021, at Plant Based World Europe Conference & Expo.

What is the entry criteria?

  1. Companies may enter as many products in as many categories as they wish.
  2. Only specific products, not ranges, will be accepted as entries.
  3. Entries will only be accepted when all sections of the entry forms have been completed in full.
  4. Entrants will be asked to submit tasting samples. Details of where, when and how much to send will be provided after entry to the awards has closed.
  5. The organisers will prepare products for tasting according to the printed instructions on the packs in which the products are sold.
  6. All samples must be received by the deadline specified or the product will forfeit its entry into the Awards and its entry fee.
  7. FoodBev Media reserves the right to accept or reject entries.
  8. The decision of the judging panel is final and FoodBev Media will not enter into any correspondence about the judges’ decisions.
  9. All entries must be plant-based products – any that are not will not be judged.
  10. A full list of ingredients is to be submitted as part of the entry form.
  11. Please indicate the appropriate product storage conditions for each product as part of the entry form.

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