Coffee-powered ‘bean machine’ car commissioned by Co-op

Rebecca Prescott22 Feb 2013

The world’s only Coffee Car - a vehicle powered by the waste product from coffee production - has got into the Guinness Book of World Records as the fastest car of its kind.

Commissioned by The Co-operative Food to celebrate 10 years since it converted all its own-brand coffee to Fairtrade, the bean-powered car reached speeds of 65.5mph and was presented with the accolade by an official from Guinness at Woodford airfield, near Manchester.

Martin Bacon, conservationist and inventor behind the car, said: “Coffee chaff pellets, which are produced from the waste in coffee production, are heated in a charcoal fire, where they break down into carbon monoxide and hydrogen. The gas is then cooled and filtered before hydrogen is combusted to drive the engine.

"Any car can run on gasification. In fact, during the Second World War, there were over 100,000 vehicles in the UK that ran on gasification, including cars, buses and delivery vehicles. At the beginning of the 20th century, there were over 900,000 vehicles running on gasifiers across the world.”

Source: The Co-operative