Minimum alcohol pricing will punish customers, says Sainsbury's

Rebecca Prescott28 Nov 2012

Sainsbury's has responded to the reports that the UK government is to reveal controversial plans to tackle binge drinking on Britain’s streets by introducing a minimum alcohol price of 45p per unit.

A Sainsbury’s spokesperson told We are committed to being a responsible retailer of alcohol but we do not support minimum unit pricing because we believe it would punish the vast majority of our customers, who consume alcohol responsibly and buy alcohol as part of their weekly shop. We also believe it will fail to target the root causes of alcohol misuse.

We operate a rigorous Think 25 policy to help reduce under-age purchasing. We were the first to retailer to commit to including Department of Health approved information about units on all our own brand alcohol products, to help customers make informed choices about the alcohol they buy.

Source: Sainsbury's