Nampak creates world’s first milk bottle to contain 30% recycled HDPE

Shaun Weston15 May 2013

Nampak Plastics, a UK producer of plastic milk bottles, has trialled, tested and supplied the world's first four-pint milk bottle containing up to 30% recycled high density polyethylene (rHDPE).

The landmark has been achieved in the same week that Nampak's Infini bottle gained global recognition with a silver prize for sustainability at the WorldStar Awards.

Alongside its partner, Closed Loop Recycling, Nampak has been able to increase the amount of rHDPE in the Infini bottle up to 30%, a move that will save the dairy industry around 25,000 tonnes of virgin material each year.

The breakthrough comes just weeks after Nampak created an even lighter Infini bottle which, weighing in at just 32g, represents a 20% material saving on the standard four-pint version found in most supermarkets.

"We're delighted that we are regularly recognised for our achievements in the packaging industry," said Eric Collins, managing director of Nampak Plastics, "and the recent win of silver for sustainability at the WorldStar Awards is a fantastic global achievement and one that we're very proud of."