NCL praises FDA 'crackdown' on alcoholic energy drinks

Shaun Weston19 Nov 2010 (Updated 12 Feb 2013)

© Darby Rose/Flickr

The National Consumers League (NCL) in the US has praised the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) announcement that it would crack down on seven alcoholic energy drinks under recent scrutiny for combining large amounts of alcohol and caffeine.

The products covered by the FDA action are manufactured by four companies, and include the popular drinks Four Loko, Joose, Core, Max and others.

In September, nine college students in Washington State ended up in a hospital emergency room after drinking Four Loko.

"Products like Four Loko that combine large quantities of alcohol and caffeine in a single can or bottle can be a dangerous trap for young, inexperienced drinkers," said NCL executive director Sally Greenberg. "Research shows that the caffeine makes drinkers feel less impaired than they really are, with potentially dangerous consequences. NCL applauds FDA's decision to call for reformulation of these products or removal from the market before more people are harmed."

Source: National Consumers League