Bobble iced and Bobble hot

Bill Bruce25 Mar 2013 (Updated 26 Mar 2013)

Move Collective LLC, the creators of the reusable bobble water bottle that filters while consumers drink, has added ‘Bobble hot’ and ‘Bobble iced’.

The new bottles reflect the same design partnership, between famed industrial designer Karim Rashid and the executive team of Move Collective, that led to the flagship bobble, now available in more than 40,000 stores across nearly 40 countries.

Bobble hot is fortified with double insulation walls to keep drinks hot and a spill resistant lid to enjoy coffee on the go. The 15 oz bobble hot is available in classic magenta, blue and black.

With its built-in straw, spill resistant lid and non-slip band, the 22 oz Bobble iced is available in magenta, blue and black as well as three fun colour combinations including holiday-appropriate red and green.

Source: Move Collective