Tetra Pak Index 2018: Explained – 20 September 2018

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The power of the internet is transforming the grocery trade, just as it has revolutionised so many other retail sectors. This year’s Tetra Pak Index provides insights into this new omnichannel world of grocery shopping which is taking an ever-greater share of the food retail market. It’s based on consumer research conducted in five countries, plus interviews with e-retailers in North America, Europe and China, and a global market segmentation study from Euromonitor.

The rise of online grocery is a great opportunity for food and beverage brands, and packaging plays a key role in supporting and enhancing their success. Smart packaging helps drive greater transparency and efficiency in the supply chain, both upstream and downstream with the use of unique digital code identifiers. These codes also enable a direct, interactive relationship with the consumer, in-store or in the home. With 80% of consumer product groups predicted to migrate to a direct-to-consumer model in the next few years, this rapidly developing technology can help brands explore new avenues and drive growth in the years ahead.

This webinar will dive deeper into the trends highlighted in the Tetra Pak Index 2018 report to understand what the rise of online grocery means, and how food and drink brands can tap into the opportunities it brings.


In this webinar


Björn Larsson
Business Development Manager, Tetra Pak

Björn Larsson focuses on the growing online grocery channel to help develop portfolio solutions globally. He has more than 20 years of experience in the logistics and packaging industry… [Read more]


Philip Wirsen
Marketing Services Manager, Europe & Central Asia, Tetra Pak

Philip Wirsen helps food and beverage manufacturers and retailers identify opportunities to differentiate, optimise their supply chain and improve their sustainability by producing data-driven analysis and cost benchmarking… [Read more]


Alexandre de Souza Carvalho
Global Marketing Services Director, Tetra Pak

Alexandre Carvalho is responsible for market strategies, ideation, innovation methodologies, branding and consumer analysis – supporting customers to find new growth opportunities… [Read more]



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