ADM Cocoa receives segregated palm oil certification

Shaun Weston10 Jun 2013

ADM Cocoa UK has received certification for the use of segregated palm oil in its facility. Segregated palm oil is 100% RSPO certified sustainable.

Via its certified facilities in Liverpool, UK, ADM Cocoa will serve the European market for compound coatings and fillings produced with RSPO certified segregated palm oil.

Representative of the company's ongoing commitment to sustainable cocoa and chocolate production, ADM Cocoa will start to exclusively source segregated palm oil for use within its European cocoa and chocolate manufacturing facilities.

Using 100% segregated palm oil allows customers to use the claim on their end product, 'this product contains RSPO certified palm oil'.

Dr Kai-Uwe Ostheim, ADM's general manager – global sustainability cocoa, said: "Committing to fully segregated RSPO certified palm oil at our facility in Liverpool marks an important step in our quest to offer the broadest range of sustainable products. We have made great strides in cocoa sustainability and continue to do more to achieve our ambitious sustainability goals. Incorporating other ingredients that are included in our products in our sustainability ambitions demonstrates our long-term commitment to offering responsibly-sourced products."