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Oxo expands stock pot range with new aromatic flavour
FoodBev Media

FoodBev Media

11 August 2023

Oxo expands stock pot range with new aromatic flavour

Following the successful relaunch of its Oxo Stock Pots range in 2022, Premier Foods has expanded its offering with its latest launch, Aromatic Asian flavour. According to Premier Foods, the East Asian meal market has huge consumer appeal and that in-home cooking of Thai cuisine has grown by 10 percentage points in the last six years. The company says that consumers can find it difficult to cook these dishes, “primarily due to lack of time and confidence in flavour pairings, in addition to finding it difficult to source ingredients”. Oxo Aromatic Asian Stock Pots were created to remedy these tensions by offering consumers convenience in East Asian cooking, while providing those ‘difficult to source’ flavours in one simple stock pot. Michelle Audette, marketing controller for Oxo at Premier Foods, said: “There are currently 1.2 billion stock occasions per year and based on consumer feedback, we know there is a demand for products that deliver East Asian flavours. The new stock pot addition to the Oxo range delivers convenience on time while packing the meal with authentic flavour.” The new Aromatic Asian stock pots are available now in Asda stores, with further retail rollout later in the year. You may also like to read:

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