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Eviosys launches food can with peelable foil seal
FoodBev Media

FoodBev Media

3 July 2023

Eviosys launches food can with peelable foil seal

Global packaging company Eviosys has launched Ecopeel, a metal food can featuring a peelable foil that is directly sealed onto the can body. Ecopeel reduces carbon emissions by 20% by using foil instead of the traditional ring-pull. According to Eviosys, the solution has a 45-degree sealing surface, making it easier to open the can with less force needed. In addition, the smooth body and 100% aperture capability of the packaging solution help reduce food waste.

Eviosys said that Ecopeel reduces packaging complexity by enabling customers and brands to fill and seam the can. This not only makes the filling process five times faster but also ensures a cleaner and safer environment, reducing spoilage and energy consumption. Tomas Lopez, CEO at Eviosys, said: "At our core, we are committed to transforming the packaging sector through innovation to enable a truly circular economy. With Ecopeel, we can offer our customers this transformed packaging experience, strengthening their sustainability and inclusivity credentials, expediting their internal processes and enhancing their brand visibility." Currently, Eviosys is in discussions with businesses across Europe for the launch of its Ecopeel solution, and to expand the range to other sectors, including pâté, pet food and olives.

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