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HealthTech Bioactives and Abolis Biotechnologies partner for sustainable polyphenol production
Siân Yates

Siân Yates

30 May 2024

HealthTech Bioactives and Abolis Biotechnologies partner for sustainable polyphenol production

HealthTech Bioactives (HTBA), a producer of polyphenol and vitamin B12 solutions, has partnered with Abolis Biotechnologies to develop sustainable methods for producing high-value polyphenols.

This collaboration aims to address supply challenges and drive innovation in this rapidly growing segment.

The partnership will focus on developing microbial strains to produce polyphenols through fermentation-based methods, eliminating the need for solvents.

Initially, the project will target two high-value molecules with limited availability, with plans to expand to eight additional molecules. The goal is to increase manufacturing capacity and reduce production costs compared to traditional extraction methods.

“Since 2021, our collaboration with Abolis has been incredibly successful,” said Alexandre Valls-Coma, CEO of HTBA. “This new phase will elevate polyphenol production and add significant value for our customers.”

Founded in 2019, HTBA specialises in bioactive manufacturing with a focus on human and animal health. Abolis Biotechnologies, established in 2014, specialises in microbial strain development.

Their combined expertise aims to enhance polyphenol production by replacing traditional extraction methods with natural bacterial fermentation, reducing environmental impact.

Cyrille Pauthenier, co-founder and CEO of Abolis, commented: “We are excited to support HTBA’s growth through this strategic collaboration Our proven track record in microbial strain development, combined with HTBA’s market knowledge, creates a perfect synergy for innovative solutions.”

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