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Hiperbaric launches HPP Research Awards to fuel high-pressure processing innovation
FoodBev Media

FoodBev Media

12 April 2024

Hiperbaric launches HPP Research Awards to fuel high-pressure processing innovation

HPP Research Awards will recognise pioneering research and innovation by students and food scientists during HPP Innovation Week 2024, an online conference, from 18-20 JuneHiperbaric, celebrating 25 years as the world leader in high-pressure processing (HPP) technology, has announced the launch of the HPP Research Awards, a global initiative to spotlight and promote cutting-edge research by students and researchers harnessing the power of high pressure for food and beverage applications. HPP is a nonthermal food preservation technology that uses cold water and high pressure to inactivate foodborne pathogens and spoilage microorganisms. The process maintains nutritional integrity and taste and significantly increases shelf life without the need for preservatives. "By recognising the brilliant work of the next generation of researchers, we aim to accelerate breakthroughs in high-pressure processing that will shape the future of the food industry," said Andrés Hernando, CEO of Hiperbaric. Roberto Peregrina, US executive director of Hiperbaric, added: "For a quarter century, Hiperbaric has flown the flag of innovation, driven by our desire to advance the field of HPP. In this spirit, we launched the HPP Research Awards, a pioneering initiative to recognise the outstanding scientific contributions of students and researchers.” The HPP Research Awards are open to undergraduate, graduate and postdoctoral researchers worldwide who have completed HPP-related food research projects between 2019-2024. Types of publications include peer-reviewed scientific journals, oral communications or posters presented in scientific conferences. An international judging panel, which includes Carole Tonello, VP of business development at Hiperbaric, Kai Knoerzer, principal research scientist at CSIRO and Ann Charles Vegdahl, extension associate of Cornell University, will select the finalists for the HPP Research Awards. The awards are part of the fourth edition of HPP Innovation Week, an online conference that brings together leading industry experts to discuss the latest trends and applications in HPP technology and will take place from 18-20 June. The three-day programme will provide a forum for education, networking and collaboration while demonstrating how HPP can make a meaningful impact on food processing. Session topics will focus on commercialisation, research and development, food application trends, technology advancements – such as automation and robotic solutions, – and sustainability, explaining how HPP increases shelf-life, which helps reduce food waste and aligns with circular economy strategies. The HPP Research Awards ceremony will take place on 19 June, during the second day of HPP Innovation Week, providing a unique platform for the winners to showcase their work.

The HPP Research Awards submission deadline is 10 May 2024. For more information and to register for HPP Innovation Week, click here.

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