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IFF launches ChoozIt Vintage for cheddar cheese manufacturers
FoodBev Media

FoodBev Media

25 January 2023

IFF launches ChoozIt Vintage for cheddar cheese manufacturers

IFF has announced the launch of ChoozIt Vintage in the US and Canadian markets, assisting cheddar cheese manufacturers in achieving consistent flavour and texture during the ageing process.

The company explains that there can be a number of challenges associated with the production of aged cheddar cheese, including bitterness, gas and crystal formation, and colour and textural defects. The new solution can help manufacturers to overcome undesirable flavour development during ageing and streamline cheesemaking processes.

According to IFF, ChoozIt Vintage is part of a “high-performing starter culture range featuring seven rotations of blended mesophilic and thermophilic direct-to-vat cultures for producing great-quality, American-style cheddar. It provides unparalleled robustness against phages for optimal lactic acid bacteria action to meet every cheesemaking need.”

Annie Mornet, senior global product manager for cheese at IFF, said: “ChoozIt Vintage is an easy-to-use culture that helps manufacturers overcome undesirable flavour development such as bitterness during ageing, delivering highly reliable pH and texture results throughout the ripening process”.

She continued: “Our extensive trials have demonstrated an increase in savoury notes with ChoozIt Vintage. Cheddar cheese manufacturers can now be confident in achieving consistent, well-balanced flavours and a smooth, clean-cut texture in every batch”.

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