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Lallemand Bio-Ingredients unveils Savor-Lyfe CI
FoodBev Media

FoodBev Media

19 December 2023

Lallemand Bio-Ingredients unveils Savor-Lyfe CI

Lallemand Bio-Ingredients is introducing its latest flavour innovation, Savor-Lyfe CI, as part of the Savor-Lyfe series, aiming to transform the plant-based food sector. Savor-Lyfe CI stands out for delivering "a rich and authentic" chicken flavour. Its versatility extends to various applications, including soups, snacks and both meat and meat alternative dishes. Lallemand highlighted that Savor-Lyfe CI "enhances and defines flavours," providing a sensory experience "beyond the ordinary".

The company said: "According to Mintel's 2024 Global Food & Drink Trends, consumers are no longer willing to compromise taste and cost for sustainability credentials". "As the cost of living rises, companies are faced with the challenge of delivering on all fronts – taste, cost and sustainability. This creates a demand for plant-based meat alternatives that not only align with ethical and environmental concerns but also provide a sensory experience comparable to traditional animal-based meats."

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