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Mr Kipling introduces new Fancies variant
Rafaela Sousa

Rafaela Sousa

29 May 2024

Mr Kipling introduces new Fancies variant

Premier Foods has expanded its Mr Kipling portfolio in the UK with a new Strawberries & Cream flavour of its Fancies cake range.

Strawberries & Cream Fancies feature a soft pink strawberry sponge with a vanilla-flavoured topping, coated in a creamy fondant icing.

The newest flavour was created to tap into consumer demand for new and exciting flavours, delivering a twist on a classic. The brand says that while Fancies are traditionally purchased by older shoppers, the new flavour will help bring appeal to younger shoppers looking for new flavours in the cake aisle.

This is the latest in a number of innovations from Premier Foods. Last month, under its Mr Kipling brand, the firm introduced two new small cake offerings, Layer Cakes and Double Chocolate Cakes. The same month, it unveiled two new high-protein shakes under its Fuel10k brand, as well as new Angel Delight ice cream sticks.

The new Strawberries & Cream Fancies will be available to purchase in select UK retailers from early June.

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