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Portobello Road Distillery launches trio of limited-edition winter spirits
FoodBev Media

FoodBev Media

21 December 2023

Portobello Road Distillery launches trio of limited-edition winter spirits

Portobello Road Distillery, purveyors of London spirits and a key player in the Mangrove Global portfolio, has released three limited-edition seasonal products.

Director’s Cut No. 5 leads the trio, the fifth expression in the collection. This spirit is flavoured with a unique blend of five types of juniper berry, delivering a 47.3% ABV. Director’s Cut No. 5 promises to be the perfect winter tipple for those seeking a robust and aromatic gin. Mince Pie Sloe Gin is a 30% ABV spirit featuring Portobello Road's signature 'Mince Pie distillate'. This secret recipe, combined with a rest in ex-whiskey barrels, imparts a festive flavour to the gin. Featuring a blend of seasonal spices, Mince Pie Sloe Gin offers a touch of holiday magic in each glass. Not stopping at gins, Portobello Road Distillery has also introduced a limited-edition vodka crafted in collaboration with Chef Brett Graham of Notting Hill’s The Ledbury. Local Heroes No.1 Mushroom Cabinet Vodka is a testament to innovation, using ingredients from Graham’s homegrown mushroom collection to create an intense yet elegant spirit, free of additives.

Nick Gillett, managing director of Mangrove Global, said: “Portobello Road is renowned for creativity and distilling excellence. These new products showcase just how good the team is at creating, collaborating, and innovating their range – all for the benefit of spirit drinkers everywhere.” Co-founder and director of Portobello Road Distillery, Jake F Burger, added: “Our limited editions have always allowed us to be as creative as possible as distillers. This year is exceptional, with three new liquids that are all incredibly exciting. We can promise that there is something for all spirit fans.”

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