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Primula owner debuts dairy brand in UK
FoodBev Media

FoodBev Media

21 May 2024

Primula owner debuts dairy brand in UK

Norway’s Kavli, owner of cheese brand Primula, has launched a new dairy brand in the UK, debuting with a range of whipped cheese spreads. The new speciality cheeses come in two variants, Cheddar and Cheddar & Chorizo. The products are made with five or less ingredients, moving away from ultra-processed foods. Kavli’s new whipped cheddars provide a source of calcium and protein and contain 80 calories per serving. The company’s production process involves blending hard and soft cheese with cream to create a spreadable consistency and light texture, while preserving the rich flavours of hard cheese. Nicole Herbert, business development marketing manager at Kavli, said: “Versatile for consumers seeking a cheese spread for multiple recipes and dining occasions, our Kavli whipped cheese can be enjoyed for breakfast as an accompaniment to toast, spread on crackers as a midday snack, or as a savoury addition to evening meals...We look forward to bringing more delicious products, with fewer ingredients, to customers soon.” The new whipped cheese range has launched into Tesco stores across the UK, with further rollout in the next few months. You might also like to read:

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