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Vegan Food Group emerges as powerhouse in plant-based food industry
FoodBev Media

FoodBev Media

11 January 2024

Vegan Food Group emerges as powerhouse in plant-based food industry

Vegan Food Group (VFG) has officially positioned itself as a transformative leader in the plant-based food industry, following the strategic rebranding of VFC Foods. Established in December 2020 by chef Adam Lyons and Veganuary founder Matthew Glover, VFG has swiftly become a sector pioneer through targeted acquisitions, notably including Meatless Farm and Clive’s Purely Plants in 2023.

Tune in to the first episode of The Plant Base’s Veganuary Sessions podcast, where we interview the co-founder of the Vegan Food Group and Veganuary, Matthew Glover. Hear him discuss the strategic Group consolidation in detail, as well as insights into the current plant-based market and predictions for its future. With an extensive portfolio of 80 SKUs, VFG has established a significant presence in 21,000 distribution points across the UK and EU, projecting £25 million in sales for 2024. The launch of VFG marks a pivotal moment in the plant-based food movement, highlighting a commitment to global leadership in delivering uncompromising vegan options. Encouraging informed and ethical food choices, VFG aims to reshape the food industry by eliminating animals from the food system, aligning with the growing demand for sustainable and cruelty-free alternatives. Matthew Glover, co-founder of VFC, Veg Capital and Veganuary, envisions VFG as a ‘vegan Unilever’ with a unique twist and “with the majority of future profits being donated to effective animal charities and diet change initiatives”. Glover continued: “With consolidation required in the plant-based space, and early signs of a rebound, the Vegan Food Group is well positioned to capitalise on market conditions and supercharge growth in the UK and Europe”. Taking cues from global food giants, VFG’s strategy focuses on consolidation, operational streamlining, cost efficiencies, and establishing a robust market presence. By uniting multiple brands under its umbrella, VFG leverages collective strengths, streamlines supply chains and fosters innovation, setting new benchmarks in the plant-based food sector. Commenting on the news, David Sparrow, CEO of VFG said: “The new corporate identity marks a crucial milestone in VFG’s growth strategy. We are already one of the most diversified players in the category with VFC, Meatless Farm and Clive’s under our umbrella, but it won’t stop there. We are actively reviewing strategic acquisitions to add to the group in 2024, building upon a successful 2023 trading year.” For retailers and foodservice providers, VFG offers a unique proposition by providing a comprehensive range of high-quality plant-based products from a single source. This consolidation simplifies negotiations, optimises logistics and ensures consistent product quality, positioning VFG as a financially stable partner and a go-to source for plant-based options in the market.

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