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Webinar: Streamlined innovation – Upgrade your NPD with digital supplier collaboration
FoodBev Media

FoodBev Media

28 March 2024

Webinar: Streamlined innovation – Upgrade your NPD with digital supplier collaboration

Product development and labelling require a high volume of ingredients, packaging and supplier data. That said, much of the work to collect and maintain this information is still done manually. Besides being inefficient, these processes are slow and error-prone, leading to costly issues and rework. In this webinar, we will explore the impact of traditional manual processes, the reasons this is no longer sustainable and the role of digital transformation in overcoming these hurdles. FoodChain ID solutions enable the digital exchange of key information and documentation, automating key aspects of the process while improving quality. Additionally, this supports full electronic traceability from the consumer label all the way back to your supplier data. Discover how you can streamline your workflow with end-to-end data integration ensuring your business stays competitive and meets the high standards of product integrity. Key takeaways: Participants will gain insights into:

  1. The specific challenges companies face in managing supplier interactions and ensuring compliance with regulations.

  2. The drawbacks of traditional, manual processes in a landscape that demands agility and precision.

  3. Necessity for a supplier collaboration tool that is automated and integrated directly into your specification, recipe, and label management processes.

  4. An introduction to FoodChain ID's recipes and specifications platformme: a revolutionary online collaboration tool designed to streamline supplier management and ingredient specification processes, fostering great relationships with suppliers and compliance across food supply chains.

  5. Transformative outcomes: case studies on companies leveraging digital tools for better transparency and compliance.Why attend? This webinar is tailored for professionals in food manufacturing and supply chain sectors seeking to navigate the complexities of supplier collaboration and compliance. Whether you're grappling with the challenges of adapting to new regulations, aiming to enhance operational efficiency, or looking to embrace digital transformation, our session will provide you with actionable insights and innovative solutions. Recommended for roles:

  6. Regulatory

  7. QA / Food safety

  8. Innovation / R&D

  9. Sourcing / Vendor compliance officers

  10. New product development

  11. IT / Digital transformation

  12. Ingredient / Packaging suppliers Join us to discover how you can leverage FoodChain ID's expertise and technology to fortify your supply chain, ensure compliance, and exceed consumer expectations. Biographies:

Natalie Walker Natalie Walker is a product manager at FoodChain ID, where she has excelled in blending strategic oversight and technical prowess. Her expertise spans problem-solving, artificial intelligence, including generative AI, strategic planning, product management, knowledge acquisition and strategic thinking. Prior to joining FoodChain ID, she made significant contributions for seven years as a global software as a service (SaaS) product specialist and support manager and test lead at Imfuna, where she honed her skills in SaaS solutions. Wes Frierson

Wes Frierson is the vice president for product lifecycle solutions at FoodChain ID. Frierson has over 20 years of experience advising leaders in the food and beverage industry on how to leverage digital best practices for better innovation. Through his past work with top consulting and software firms, Frierson has gained a deep understanding of how technology can transform product development and market delivery. His experience enables him to recognise the common challenges that prevent companies from maximising the value of their digital investments. Today, Frierson applies his expertise along with FoodChain ID’s innovative technology solutions and world-renowned consulting teams to guide customers in evolving their digital capabilities, providing pragmatic roadmaps that ensure successful adoption and predictable value realisation. Register for free here.

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