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World Coffee Innovation Awards: 2023 shortlist announced
FoodBev Media

FoodBev Media

19 September 2023

World Coffee Innovation Awards: 2023 shortlist announced

FoodBev Awards has just announced the World Coffee Innovation Awards 2023 shortlist, and we couldn't be more excited to share the news. This year marks the first of its kind, and it's encouraging to see how the industry has stepped up to the challenge of developing groundbreaking coffee solutions, automatic machines and incredible flavourings that take consumer satisfaction to new heights. The shortlisted companies have shown remarkable innovation in the coffee space. From new ways to enhance flavour and texture to innovative packaging solutions that minimise environmental impact, the level of creativity and ingenuity is truly impressive. There's high confidence that the winner's ceremony at Caffe Culture will be one to remember as the event shines a light on all aspects of the coffee industry. FoodBev spoke to event director Elliot Gard about what to expect at this year's event " The world of coffee is always evolving, and we can't wait to see what other innovations will arise in the future for next year's award. Until then, we congratulate the companies that have made it to the shortlist and look forward to seeing the final outcome of the World Coffee Innovation Awards 2023.

Ready-to-drink Product Rokit Health - Rokit Mind Boost Cold-Brew Latte Rokit Health - Rokit Energy Uplift Cold Brew Latte GoodBrew - Cold Brew Vanilla Latte with Vitamins

Traditional Machine Innovation Superkop - Superkop, espresso making tool SQUEAKY - ALSA - THE COFFEE COOLER Coffetek - Ascaso - Sustainability and Innovation: Ascaso’s New tradition

Automatic Machine Innovation Perfect Moose - Perfect Moose Jack Carma Retail - Carma Automated Coffee Machine Coffetek - Two Worlds, One Machine Hard Beans - Baby Hardtank

Packaging Innovation Circular&Co. - Circular Returnable Cup Smile Compostable Solutions - Fully Certified, Compostable Pod System Seam Coffee - Innovative Coffee Cartons Peaberry Coffee Roasters - Packaging innovation Choose Planet A - The Good Cup Handle-it Packaging Limited - Handle-it Cup Cup Holder Lucaffè - Capsule in Tins Lucaffeè - Coffe Pods in Tins

Coffee Flavouring Innovation CBD One - CBD One Shot

Coffee Capsule Innovation Rokit Health - Rokit Mighty Matcha Pods Rokit Health - Rokit Sweet Dreams Decaf Coffee LUCAFFE' - Capsule Home Compost Lucaffe - Smart Coffee Pods Lucaffe - Coffe Pods in Tins Blue Goose Coffee - Coffee Pods

Speciality Coffee Roaster Farrer's Tea & Coffee Merchants - Farrer's Coffee Merchants Big Island Coffee Roasters - Big Island Coffee Roasters

Ethical Initiative CATA - CATA'S COFFEE TOUR Raw Material - Maximum Impact Coffee Blue Goose Coffee - Coffee Capsule

Sustainability Initiative Hario - Baton Range Circular&Co. - Circular Returnable Cup Cupffee Ltd. - Cupffee Steeped Coffee - Breakwater Blend Raw Material - Virtual reality origin tours Raw Material - Wet mills as community hubs

This year you can join FoodBev Awards at Caffe Culture on the 3rd-4th of October 2023, hosted in Islington's Business Design Centre. You can find out more about the show and how to get involved on

their website.

This year's sponsor of the World Coffee Innovation Awards is Dalla Corte, you can find out more about Dalla Corte on

their website. "At Dalla Corte, we are devoted to espresso coffee and so for over twenty years it has been our purpose to give baristas the power to create their perfect coffee, thanks to our professional espresso machines".

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