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Amathus Drinks debuts rhubarb-infused aperitif

Amathus Drinks has debuted a rhubarb-infused aperitif, called Doladira. Crafted using natural alpine ingredients, Doladira features notes of plum, gentian and rosemary. It is produced without chemicals or artificial flavours and is said to contain 60% less sugar than market leaders. Doladira achieves a balanced blend of bitter, acidic, botanical and saline. The liquid boasts a vibrant pink hue from black carrot and rhubarb. Tom Miller, commercial director at Amathus Drinks, said: "At Amathus, we are extremely excited to launch Doladira in the UK and add the aperitif to our exclusive agency range. We have a long tradition of championing the very best spirit brands, and Doladira is no exception; with their innovative production process and use of natural ingredients, Doladira brings an exciting product to market which will challenge the existing aperitivo sector." Doladira aperitif will be available exclusively in-store and online for £39 per bottle.


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