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Angry Orchard adds Blueberry Rosé Hard Cider to portfolio

Angry Orchard, a US-based cider maker, has launched a new Blueberry Rosé Hard Cider. Expanding on its Hard Cider range, Blueberry Rosé combines the crisp, juicy flavours of Rosé with real blueberries to deliver a fruity twist on the classic. Blueberry Rosé features a blend of 10 traditional bittersweet and culinary apples that are balanced with blueberry juice to create an apple cider with subtle blueberry notes and a ruby red hue. At 6% ABV, this delicious divergence from the expected cider profile will have drinkers reaching for more Blueberry Rosé all summer long. Joe Gaynor, Cider Maker for Angry Orchard, said: "As our trees start to bloom and the colours of Blueberry Rosé naturally begin to pop throughout the Orchard, reaching for something refreshing and fruit-forward just feels right". He added: "An evolution of our Rosé that we first tested at the Orchard before taking it nationally years ago, Blueberry Rosé is another great example of a cider that started as a small innovation here at the Cider House then grew into something all Angry Orchard fans can pick up this summer." Angry Orchard Blueberry Rosé is available now in selected US stores in the new Sunny Sessions variety pack.


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