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Avonmore launches milk with added fibre and vitamins

Tirlán-owned Irish milk brand Avonmore has expanded its range of value-added milks with the introduction of Avonmore Fibre Plus Milk. The new milk has added fibre – from chicory root – which is said to be beneficial for digestive and gut health, as well as added vitamins C and D, to help support the immune system. Each 250ml glass of the low-fat unflavoured milk contains 6g of fibre, with Avonmore recommending for adults to consume two glasses per day in order to get the full benefit of chicory root fibre and to bridge the gap in their fibre intake Gráinne Murray, senior brand manager at Tirlán, said: “Digestive health is a key area of concern for consumers and with this product launch, we hope to provide an easy and convenient solution for consumers to increase their fibre intake, whilst the addition of vitamins C and D will also help to address consumers growing desire for products that support the immune system.” Glanbia Ireland rebranded as Tirlán in September last year – a new identity the company said reflects the characteristics that define the organisation. Combining the Irish words ‘Tír’ (meaning land) and ‘Lán’ (full), Tirlán stands for ‘land of abundance’. Avonmore Fibre Plus Milk is available in a 1-litre carton in retailers across Ireland.


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