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BeeHype unveils salted honey

Glasgow-based independent food brand BeeHype Honey has launched what it claims to be the UK’s first ever salted honey product. The start-up has introduced the product as a healthier alternative to salted caramel, forming part of its mission to reshape the honey industry and popularise honey. It combines two natural ingredients – raw honey and alpine salt. The product is gluten and dairy-free and has 30% fewer calories than traditional salted caramel spreads, BeeHype said. Stela Aleksieva, BeeHype’s co-founder, said: “It's truly remarkable how something as simple as a pinch of salt can change the flavour of honey and elevate its sweetness”. “When we give out samples of our Salted Honey, people are always surprised how we’ve made honey taste as decadent as salted caramel, and they love its velvety, creamy texture.” Salted Honey is available in UK Selfridges stores as well as over 150 independent stores across the country, as well as directly through BeeHype’s website. It joins BeeHype’s existing portfolio of honey products, which also includes the recently launched Ginger Boost ginger honey and the Happy Bee Pollen, designed to boost immunity with natural vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.


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