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Beneo launches barley beta-glucans ingredient Orafti β-Fit

Beneo has launched its first barley beta-glucans ingredient, Orafti β-Fit. The ingredient offers various health benefits, such as positive impacts on heart health and blood sugar management. Beta-glucans are viscous and soluble dietary fibres that make the food thicker and delay its passage through the large and small intestines as a result. Orafti β-Fit is a natural and clean label wholegrain barley flour with 20% beta-glucans. It joins Beneo’s functional fibre product range and is available worldwide. Functional food ingredients such as barley beta-glucans are said to offer food manufacturers an easy way to create appealing products with convincing front-of-pack communication and a convenient way for consumers to choose nutritional products that positively impact heart health. Eric Neven, commercial managing director of functional fibres at Beneo, said: “The exciting launch of our new wholegrain and clean label barley flour, Oraft β-Fit, further demonstrates our expertise and position as a leading provider of functional fibres”. He added: “With its convincing health benefits and approved health claims while being also an economically attractive solution, Orafti β-Fit supports our company’s ambition of connecting nutrition and health. We help food manufacturers develop great tasting products that deliver added value in times of tighter consumer budgets.” Beneo’s Orafti β-Fit can be used in a range of applications including baked goods, pasta, cereals and meal replacements.


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