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Cadbury adds two new additions to its ice cream range

Mondelēz-owned brand Cadbury has announced two new additions to its ice cream range, Dairy Milk Caramel sticks and Crunchie Blast cones. The caramel sticks feature vanilla ice cream with caramel sauce, encased in a twice-dipped Cadbury Dairy Milk chocolate coating containing a layer of caramel sauce in-between. Cadbury Crunchie Blast cones boast a honeycomb ice cream with popping candy and Cadbury Dairy Milk Buttons pieces, topped with Cadbury Dairy Milk chocolate and honeycomb chunks in a crispy wafer cone. Both flavours can be bought as multipacks or as single products. Currently available at Morrisons and Asda, the two new additions will be released in all major UK supermarkets in March.

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