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Cascades introduces eco-friendly produce baskets

Cascades has unveiled a new range of eco-friendly basket designs for the produce sector, capable of supporting a wide range of fruit and veg. Made from up to 100% recycled fibres, these new produce baskets offer produce growers a sustainable alternative to replace more hard-to-recycle packaging. In line with eco-design principles, these products adhere to a circular economy approach. Utilising recycled and recyclable corrugated cardboard in their design, Cascades supports minimising consumer’s environmental footprint. This approach meets the growing demand for packaging that is progressively more environmentally friendly. Creative packaging design not only discourages direct consumer handling but also ensures the preservation of fruits and vegetables throughout the entire logistics process. The packaging incorporates a secure closure system that prevents items from falling out, all while maintaining clear visibility of the contents. Charles Malo, president and chief operating officer of Cascades Containerboard Packaging, said: "These new corrugated basket formats for fresh fruit and vegetables enhance our innovative product offering for the produce sector while allowing us to continue to meet the highest standards of environmental responsibility." These baskets are offered in two distinct models and four varying sizes, ranging from the ½ dry quart snack size to the 1L size. They are suitable for marketing a broad range of fruits and vegetables, including berries, tomatoes, and tree-grown fruits. Cascades also released a recyclable cardboard tray which uses similar technologies in 2019.


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