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Cathedral City launches smoked and red leicester cheeses

Saputo Dairy UK brand Cathedral City has launched a new ‘Best of British’ range featuring two new cheese products, ‘Our Naturally Smoked Cheddar’ and ‘Our Red Leicester’. In a statement announcing the launch, Saputo Dairy said that the move marks the first time a naturally smoked cheddar has launched in the pre-pack cheese aisle in UK supermarkets. Cathedral City’s cheese is made in Cornwall with milk from West Country Farms. The brand said its process of naturally smoking the new product ensures the cheese’s texture and quality is preserved as well as resulting in a better flavour throughout. Louise Reuby, controller of innovation for cheese at Saputo Dairy UK, said: “Naturally smoked over oak chips, it’s a perfectly balanced, delicate smoked cheese, which is testament to our ongoing commitment to innovation, and we are incredibly proud to be one of the first to introduce this on-trend flavour to the category”.

She added that the addition of red leicester was a natural choice, responding to a “clear opportunity to bring a branded offering to the market”. Both SKUs are available in a 300g block format and launched in 210 Sainsbury’s stores on 13 September. Smoked will also be available in 482 Morrison’s stores from 2 October.


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