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Coca-Cola HBC invests €10m to establish new foundation

Coca-Cola HBC is investing €10 million to establish a new foundation dedicated to supporting communities in the areas where the company operates. The funds will be deposited in early 2024 and are expected to be further donated within the year, following the operating principles of the Coca-Cola HBC Foundation for robust governance. The company has prioritised areas for community support that are crucial across its various locations. These encompass relief in the event of natural disasters, human rights, diversity and inclusion, employee wellbeing and engagement, corporate citizenship, packaging and waste management, empowering youth and women, water stewardship initiatives, and economic impact. Zoran Bogdanovic, CEO of Coca-Cola HBC, said: “We recognise the important responsibility we have to the communities in which we operate. Through the socio-economic impact studies that we perform with The Coca-Cola Company, we also understand how our activities deliver sustainable impact to the local economy, helping communities and creating employment." “I am pleased to announce the launch of our new foundation, which builds on our long-standing tradition of community action led by our people. It brings clear focus to these critical efforts, and empowers us to make decisions quickly by taking action where it is needed most.”


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