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Every unveils ‘world-first’ animal-free liquid egg

The Every Company has debuted its Every Egg – claimed to be the world’s first liquid egg made without the hen – at an exclusive event in New York City. The Every Egg was created using yeast fermentation and was the result of nine years of product development by the company. According to Every, it matches the culinary versatility of traditional eggs and can be used as a 1:1 drop-in across hundreds of applications. It delivers eight grams of protein per serving and has zero cholesterol, saturated fat or artificial flavours. The precision fermentation-made product contains egg protein that is identical to its traditional, animal-based counterpart, developed in an entirely animal-free process. The company said it hopes to pave the way for a future where consumers can enjoy eggs without the process variability, disease risk and high environmental impact of animal agriculture. Every’s co-founder and CEO, Arturo Elizondo, said: “By decoupling the egg from the chicken, Every Egg is going to change the way we think about one of the most ubiquitous foods on the planet. For nine years, my dream has been to build a food system humanity can be proud of.” The innovation was unveiled in a product collaboration with chef Daniel Humm, served up to culinary innovators, chefs and creators at Humm’s 3-star Michelin retsuarant, Eleven Madison Park. Humm commented: “Eggs are a universal staple in every kitchen, and this is the first time we’ve crafted an event menu around a novel food product. When we prepared an omelet using Every Egg, the taste and versatility was all but indistinguishable from hen eggs. We are excited about the potential of Every Egg to transform the food landscape.”


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