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Fam Stumabo debuts efficient leaf and vegetable dicing machine

Fam Stumabo has announced the launch of the Yuran Capcitec, a high-capacity belt dicer for dicing and strip-cutting a variety of peppers and leafy vegetables. When relying on seasonal produce, frozen vegetable processors face a restricted processing timeframe. Therefore, the dependability and robustness of cutting equipment become paramount to reduce the potential for downtime. The new Yuran Capcitec is designed to accommodate those requirements with a wider feed belt and optimised feeding method to significantly enhance capacity. The 300mm wide and 2-metre-long high grip profiled feeding belt delivers at least 30% extra feeding capacity compared to previous models. According to Fam Stumabo, the driven top belt ensures a secure transfer and optimal guidance of products such as capsicum and leafy greens toward the cutting tools. The company asserts that this improvement significantly reduces product fracturing. The company also claims that the machine's design minimises ownership costs by integrating durable components, thereby reducing labour requirements and downtime. The splined shaft system further reduces downtime by ensuring a quick and straightforward conversion of the cutting tools, facilitating easy inspection and cleaning. The Yuran Capcitec is suitable for peppers and leafy-type green vegetables like bell peppers or capsicum, jalapeño and chilli peppers, as well as raw or blanched greens such as spinach, radish, kale, cabbage and mustard leaves. This new cutting machine will debut at Fruit Logistica in Berlin this month.


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