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Farmland launches $250m Vital Farmland Fund III

Farmland, a specialist organic farmland fund manager, has announced the launch of its $250 million Vital Farmland III, its third and largest fund to date. Vital Farmland III (Fund III) aims to extend the company’s mission of transforming conventional farms into dynamic, sustainable and organic operations in response to increasing consumer demand for food products derived from organic and regeneratively farmed sources. The company currently manages over 16,000 acres in the US with approximately $250 million in assets under management. The fund manager said its third fund will allow investors to “align compelling financial returns with measurable, positive environmental impact”. Its first fund, Vital Farmland (Fund I) has generated a net average after-tax return to original investors of 113% since inception. Craig Wichner, CEO of Farmland, said that the company’s strategy is grounded in “simplicity and effectiveness”, adding that Farmland boosts cash flows and land values by acquiring chemical-dependent farms and reengineering them as “models of organic and regenerative agriculture”. He commented: “Our new fund provides a unique opportunity for institutional and accredited individual investors to tap into this high-potential asset class, fostering regenerative farming practices that benefit our planet”. “Investors are increasingly seeking verifiable claims of sustainability. Our commitment to Certified Organic standards and regenerative farming practices focused on soil health assures our investors that their capital is truly advancing sustainable agriculture.”


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