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Fox's Burton's Companies introduces Maryland Choc & Caramel cookies

Fox's Burton's Companies has introduced a fresh look and new product for its Maryland cookies brand. This move aims to empower UK retailers to tap into the growing 'Sweet Biscuits' market and help boost their sales. The transformation begins with a packaging redesign, enhancing the well-known red and yellow branding and prominently displaying the flavour variants and product range. To attract new consumers, Maryland has launched a new Choc & Caramel flavour. With caramel's market value at £131 million in 'Sweet Biscuits' and a 30% growth over the past 52 weeks, the timing is ideal to expand the range with this enticing flavour. The launch of the new Choc & Caramel flavour retains the distinctive recipe of a crunchy and crumbly cookie with chocolate chips, now enhanced with chewy caramel pieces. Colin Taylor, trade marketing director at FBC UK, commented: “The evolution of Maryland’s brand identity is an exciting time for the business. We are already known for our quality recipe, affordability and signature packaging, but we know there’s more we can do to support retailers to make the most of the opportunity available. From consumer testing, we know that our new packaging has a stronger appeal to shoppers and better purchase intent.” He continued: “This alongside the addition of our delicious new flavour and our upcoming marketing campaign means brand awareness is going to be at an all-time high for our retail partners. We’re looking forward to seeing the reactions from our loyal shoppers and newcomers to the brand and hope to bring families together over the original cookie everyone knows and loves.” Maryland's Choc & Caramel flavour has now launched at Asda and will arrive at other major retailers in October. RRP: £1.50.


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