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Grupo Bimbo to use Oobli sweet proteins in baked goods

Grupo Bimbo has entered a new partnership with food-tech company Oobli to use sweet proteins across its baked goods portfolio. Oobli’s sweet proteins are created to provide a healthy and sustainable sugar alternative. Sweet proteins are plant proteins that taste up to 5,000 times sweeter than sugar, with potential to replace 70-90% of sugar in many food and beverage products. Originally derived from fruits and berries that grow near the equator, Oobli uses precision fermentation to replicate sweet proteins, brewing them in a process similar to that of cheese or beer production. By producing the proteins through fermentation, Oobli aims to bring a more environmentally friendly sweetener solution to the food industry and reduce the land use impact of sugar production. The formal agreement between Grupo Bimbo and Oobli marks a new milestone for the bakery giant as it explores an entirely new way of sweetening its baked goods range. It will test Oobli’s sweet proteins across a number of bakery categories core to its brand portfolio. Constantino Matouk, VP of Global Bimbo Ventures at Grupo Bimbo, commented: “We're thrilled to bring the groundbreaking innovation of Oobli sweet proteins to market in our delicious baked goods. Oobli sweet proteins are a perfect fit for the countless consumers who are actively looking to include more proteins in their diet.” Ali Wing, CEO at Oobli, said that sweet proteins could revolutionise sweetness and are “a completely new way to think about how we can use protein to rehabilitate foods”. She said: “Grupo Bimbo and Oobli are committed to bringing the innovation of sweet proteins to Grupo Bimbo's industry-leading baked goods without impacting existing flavour profiles. This strategic partnership is a major step forward in globalising sweet proteins as the leading sweetness alternative.” Oobli launched a range of iced teas containing its sweet proteins last year, claimed to be the first of their kind to retain a low-sugar status without the use of artificial sweeteners or stevia. It also recently introduced a new line of chocolates made with the sweet protein ingredients.


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