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JBT Corporation unveils new rotary steriliser technology

JBT Corporation, a technology solutions provider for the food and beverage industry, has launched its JBT 2.1m Pressure Rotary sterilising technology. The new rotary steriliser technology is said to have significantly evolved, providing superior product quality and consistency at a lower cost per unit produced. The technology is described as an “evolution in production capabilities” and will support manufacturers in maximising product output and quality while minimising the facility’s footprint. JBT’s 2.1m Pressure Rotary provides the features and benefits of the standard steriliser with a larger diameter, offering an increase in production throughput from 25% to 50% compared to the 58” (1.5m) pressure rotary with approximately the same floor space. The steriliser can handle a broad range of cans, allowing for high-temperature/short-time cooking, and rapid, efficient cooling by agitating the container in an automatic, continuous process. This process allows for fewer resources and utility consumption per can while increasing the throughput. Rick Wilson, global product line director at JBT Corporation, said: “Our goal for this new addition to our rotary product line was derived from the two things we continuously strive to provide our partners - simplicity and efficiency. As a result, we are offering a sterilisation solution that can do more with less.” Through advancements in rotary steriliser technologies, consumers will see benefits in reducing water and energy consumption, lowering maintenance and lengthening machine life, increasing throughput in the same footprint and fewer resources used per can produced.


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