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Louis Dreyfus to expand Canadian canola complex

Louis Dreyfus Company (LDC) has announced the expansion of its canola processing complex in Yorkton, Saskatchewan, Canada. The facility, which employs approximately 120 people and has been in operation since 2009, produces food-grade canola oil and feed meal. According to LDC, the site is located in Canada’s “most productive agricultural zone,” where canola is the dominant crop, and benefits from good transportation links. Michael Gelchie, LDC’s chief executive officer, said: “This investment supports the group’s strategic growth plans by reinforcing core merchandising activities, in this case with additional capacity to originate and process Canadian canola seeds to provide nourishment for people and livestock. It also positions LDC as a strategic feedstock provider to renewable energy producers and accelerates our contribution to a global energy transition that we are excited to be a part of." Brian Conn, LDC’s country manager for Canada, commented: “This project reflects our long-term commitment to North America as a key market for LDC, both in terms of origination and distribution, and is expected to contribute to continued local economic development”. The construction of the additional canola crushing line is expected to start later this year. Upon completion, the facility's annual crush capacity will more than double, exceeding 2 million metric tons per year.


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